Slack: WALKING IN PLACE 1: new Orleans

by Mike Slack

84 pages / 4.25 x 7.5 in. / Paperback w/ jacket
46 color photographs
ISBN 978-0-9943883-8-4 / Edition: 600 copies

Co-published with PERIMETER EDITIONS

Walking in Place 1: New Orleans is the first in a series of standalone books by Los Angeles-based photographer Mike Slack, each taking in a different city, town or geographical locale. In this volume, Slack records various points of reference on a five day meander through The Big Easy, creating an inner travelogue both meditative and playful. Driven by an almost unconscious process of seeing, recording and cumulation, his gaze settles on architectural details, local flora, street ephemera, and the curious neighborhood cats that cross his path. Led by his keen eye for street-side formalism, and a canny sensitivity to the poetics of light and tonality — and their unlikely urban iterations and combinations — Slack has crafted another telling contribution to what has emerged as a genuinely unique photographic language. The book itself assumes the form of an elegant, pocket-sized paperback — a non-linear, non-verbal journal for the perpetual wanderer.

Mike Slack lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. The author of several photobooks including the Polaroid trilogy OK OK OK, Scorpio, and Pyramids, as well as High Tide and Shrubs of Death. His photographs are in the permanent collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and his photographs have appeared in Harper's, GOOD, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times.